Half Day of School

Today was a half day of school. Thank FD school district teachers for haveing an anti-bullying  meeting!  Now that give’s me extra time to do my Blog!

At recess my friends, Victoria, Haily, Hialy, and Brooke. Brooke was sick today. “Hey look!” said Haily to me. We have been working on a snow fort for quite some time now. And it looked like some idiot wrecked it. “Oh, no!” cried Victoria. “What will Brooke say?” I asked in depare. “Shouled we fix it?” asked Victoria.

“No,” said Haily. “Snow balls are everywere. There must have been a freak snow ball fight.” “Let’s wreck it,” said I. “We’ll say Jace did it.” Jace like’s Brooke. She hate’s him. “Oh, that will tick here off,” said Victoria.

“Push! Push!” said a group of girls. They were pushing a huge snow ball.

                                                                                                                                          see you on the next post,

                                                                                                                                                                Lucinda S. Seward


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