Who is Marian, you ask? She was 83 when I met her. She WAS my nabor. Until I moved, to Fort Doge. We became close friends with her so when we left, she asked- ” Take ME with YOU!” 

We forgot to call her on Christmas, ( as we always do ) and she wasn’t answering. “That’s wierd,” said Dad. We thought she was D. E. A. D. So Dad called her 75 year old daughter, Lynn.

” Oh, she’s not dead, she’s in the hospital. She has Cancer,” said Lynn on the phone. At Genesis. In Davenport. Weh! We were going to davenport for New Years. When we got there, she looked soooo ill. “She is dying,” Mom said to Dad.

After years dad asked her to exept Jesus. “Yes” she said.

A WEEK LATER… Marian Pasted Away.


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