Looking for ways…

Me and Lily were playing up in the girls club. I didn’t want to play any more. So I asked Lily if she remembered the time when so told me that she had a rock collection that was in a secret passage way in the house. She said that she forgot the key.

So I asked her if she was kidding about the passage way. She said no. Yeah, rite! She also said she forgot the key to the door so it was no use. I said we have to find it! So me and Lily had to look ALL around the house for some silver key.

So Lily looked and looked! She finally looked at mom’s car key’s. These have to work! She said. So she asked mom. I knew mom would never let her. Guess what? She did let her! Lily stomped in looking proud with a devilish grin on her face saying, Mom said you can use it but ya can’t loose it! Uh!

She said, Now all we have to do now is look for the key! Ok, I replied. She looked around to see a key hole. The only one I could see was the on to the door. This is it! She said opening the door. A harsh wind blew inside. Shut the door Lily! I said. It was like -15 ferinhight out there!

So she slammed the door, forgetting that the baby was asleep. Sssshhhhh! I said. Oopps! Sorry! She said. So we looked and looked and looked some more until we found ourselves in the door to the girls club. Hey! Ever wanted to know what was behind that picture over there? Lily asked

I tore the picture of the wall and saw a little hole in the wall. This must be the key hole1 said Lily. Really? I said to my self, It’s a little mold in the wall! How will a little hole open up to a gaint room? Uh!

So she put key one in. Step back! Lily said. Why do I need to step back? I asked. Because, said Lily, It rumbles and shakes and makes a big boom! Really? I would of heard that years ago!

It didn’t move. Uh, maybe it is key 2! Said Lily in a shaky voice. Key 2 failed too. Also key 3. Aw, man! Said Lily. We ran too put the key away. Maybe my rocks are having a disco party without me! Said Lily. Really? Rocks with a party? Uh!

Ok, I said, Maybe we did not find it this time… No! said Lily, We DID NOT find it! Plus rock number 1,0456 was gonna have a baby! Now, how can a rock have a baby? I asked her. Rock number 1,0456 is magic! She said. Really?

Well can we play? I asked. Or… said Lily with a devilish grin from cheek to cheek, We can look for secret passage ways! Ok, said I.

We looked around to see what looked like a door. Lily opened a cupboard witch had Easter stuff in there. Ok, I need a jack hamer and you to step away! Said Lily. Lily mom won’t want us to do that, I said. Your rite! Get a time machine, go to 2045 and get a shrinky thing abob and shrink me, I go through the crack and get a rock, you go back to 2045 got a grow thingy machine and grow me too normal size to see how the rocks move!

Lily that’s not possible, I said, plus how will I get a time machine? Oh, oh, good question, uh, take a plan to a science place and get one? She replied. Lily! How can I get a plane ticket to some other country? I will get kidnapped! I said. Oh, oh, another good question, um fight the guy or girl who is trying to kidnap you? She replied. Uh!

I knew a cupboard witch had some space in it. I opened it up and Lily said: I remember building this cupboard! That was a hot day in July, me and my pals were doing a good job, good times, good, good times. Lily! I said, This house was built in 1964! YOU were born in 2005! Oh, forgot. She said. Uh!

Well that was the story of today. I think this was the longest post yet. Just wait till I rite about Disney World! Well that is an really different story for a really different time. See you on the next post. Bye!


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