My trip to disney world

It was 2:00 p.m. and we were almost to Des. Moines. Me and Lily were bored. We drawed, talked for a hole 2 hours ( witch would be boring for 2 hours! ) The dad said: “We are here!” Yes! We pulled up to a Hotel: Holiday Inn. We had a room rite near the window so we could see the airplanes pull out of the run way.


We swam in the HUGE swimming pool that went down to 12 feet! We probably swam for a good 20 min. At 7:00 we had to go to bed because our flight left at 4:00 a.m. So we had to get some rest.


At 3:00 a.m. the phone rang. Dad said Holiday Inn gave us a wake-up call. So we put our coats on and shoes and all that jazz on and were on or way. We had to wait a long time in the lobby of  flight 102 to leave to Dallas, Texas.


We were on the flight to Dallas and the pilot went on his big microphone and said: “Ladies and Gentle men this is your captain speaking. We have 3 princesses with us Princess Lily, Princess Lyla, and Princess Lucinda.


When we landed we saw an armadillo in the run way. Good thing it  didn’t get run over by a air plane! We went on another plane to Orlando, Florida. When we got to Florida my Aunt Hannah was at the airport waiting for us.


She drove us to Give Kids the World: For Kids With Life-Threating Illness. We met a girl who showed us a villa. A Villa is like a small house.


It had all the T.V. channels in the world! Plus it had a huge bath room, you could  fit about 83 people in it. Cool, huh?


When we went to Disney World I saw my favorite Disney Princess in the hole world! Guess who? Rapunzel! My favorite ride was the huented mansion. It was fun. Although I closed my eyes some times it was fun.


You have to go to Disney. Well bye!


2 thoughts on “My trip to disney world

  1. this is lucy. Disney was so fun. i’m sorry i cute you off short. I will soon be guest bloger on the hit blog thesisterslice! You don’t know them? They got 1,000 views in one day! See them at! I will guest rite after valintins day! I think that will make my blog get bigger. Bye!

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