Pic and info of wreck it ralph

Srg. Calhound is a take charge leader in the game Hero’s Duty. She was having a hard heart until Fielx comes around to change things around. She met Fielx during Cy-bug practice. She thought he was a Cy-bug. The bashful hero, fielx, said his pal Ralph was here but Sgt. Calhound took it as a joke. Fielx falls in love with Calhound as they go on an adventure to find Ralph. At the end of the movie, Sgt. Calhound and Fielx get married.


Venellope is a princess in Suger Rush until the evil Turbo comes in and earases all of the players memory and makes himself King and makes Venellope a computer mistake or ‘The Glitch’ after being bullied and teased she never wanted to talk to the racers again; especially Taffita, the Suger Rush’s 1# bully and racer. When she meets Ralph, she finds there not different because Ralph got sort of misunderstanded by his game, too. Venellope thinks Ralph is the coolest friend ever! At the end of the movie at Fielx and Calhound’s wedding, she’s Calhounds bride maid.


Ralph was mis-under stood all his life by his game. Shure he’s the game’s bad guy but he has a big heart! After finding out he has to win a medal to be a good guy, he went to Hero’s Duty were he found out by a fellow solder that if you win in Hero’s Duty, you get a medal. No luck at that. After he gets scolded by Calhound, he finds to climb the tower and he saw a medal he grabbed it. He was congartuladed. He triped on a Cy-bug egg and tripped in a shuttle and flew through Game Central Statoin to Suger Rush, were he meets Venellope. At the end of the movie at Calhound and Fielx’s wedding he’s Fielx’s best man.


Fielx is the hero of Fix it Fielx Jr. He is nice. During the movie he finds Ralph is gone. He finds out Ralph is at Hero’s Duty. The bashful hero said Ralph was here. Sgt. Calhound said Nah! Nothing gets past me! Then they saw Ralph and chased him into Suger Rush. During this time, he start’s to have a crush on Calhound. He meets King Candy who has been chasing Ralph, and King sends him to the dongon. At the end of the movie He marries calhound.




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