Sofia the first: Disney Movie PART 1

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Enchantia, I little girl named Sofia lived there. Sofia led a simple life working at the shoe store with her mother, Miranda. On faith full day, the King needed a new pair of shoes. Sofia was exited to meet the King! When Miranda put the shoe on the Kings foot, it was a perfect fit. And so were they. The King was soon married to Miranda, and what seemed to be a storybook ending was really a storybook, beginning!  

“Sofia the couch is waiting!” Miranda shouted to her daughter, Sofia. “Coming mom!” Sofia said. Sofia admired all the beautiful jewels and diamonds on her mom’s tiara and dress. She had never seen such a pretty gown! Soon, maybe today I’ll get a beautiful crown and dress just like my mother’s! Sofia mumbled to herself. 

Outside a beautiful carriage with white horses that had oh so pretty purple mane’s! Sofia never saw anything like it! Before the carriage could gain more speed, two girls chased it. They were Sofia’s best friends, Jade, and Ruby.

“Bye Sofia!” Ruby cried. “Don’t you forget about us!” said Jade. While carriage picked up speed, Sofia shouted; “Bye Jade! Bye Ruby!” As they trotted down the road, the castle was in sight. Sofia saw the castle! I’m going to be a real princess! Sofia said to herself excitedly.

Then, Sofia remembered what she was going to ask her mother. “Mom! I wonder what our room looks like!” Sofia said as like all the weight of the world was off her shoulders. “Sofia,” the new Queen said in a wise tone of voice, “Now that we live in the castle… you will have your  own bedroom!” 

My own bedroom? Can this day get any better!? Sofia said to herself overloaded with joy. She felt so happy, she wanted to jump right out of the carriage and run as fast as she could to the castle. But she knew she would make a fool of herself if she did that.

As they pulled up to the castle the King said sternly to his children, “Amber, James, I want you to make your new sister feel, welcome.” “Yes father!” said James. He was like Sofia. So happy to have a new mom and sister. “OK father,” said Amber. Sofia quickly changed behind flags. Then the flags started moving one by one.

Then two little birds flew up and dropped a crown on Sofia’s head. Sofia’s happiness soon turned into worries. What if I’m not a good princess. Amber saw Sofia’s dress. So pretty! She will never fit in, if she fits in I will make her not fit in!  

Sofia and Miranda walked up to their new family. “King Roland,” Queen Miranda said to her new husband with go-go eyes. “Queen Miranda,” King Roland said to his new wife kissing her hand. The newlyweds walked away together. “Good marrow, Sofia,” said Prince James. “Great marrow Prince James!” Sofia said so happy. Sofia turned around.

“Oh, Princess Amber your more pretty in person! I’m so-o exited! We are sister’s!” Sofia said. Amber looked at Sofia as if she lost her marble’s. “Stepsister!” said Amber. Amber was getting so jealous, she wanted to run away, FOREVER! But she knew if she ran away, who will be the new Queen? Oh, maybe SOFIA would be if she ran away. The very thought of it was sending chills down her spine.

The kids walked over to their parents. The castle Stewart, said, “May I present: Queen Miranda, and Princess Sofia!” The crowd cheered. The family walked into the castle.

Sofia kept bowing at the maids and servants. “Sofia!” said Amber, “You only bow to those who are royal!” “Oh! It’s going to take me awhile to get used to things around here!”



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