Wait! Great idea coming! I thought the last one was a pretty long title, right? Well, this is even longer! Me and my little sister, Lily, watched Barbie and the pink shoes. Great movie. Not as good as Wreck-it-Ralph. Speaking of Wreck-it-Ralph, it comes out on DVD on March 2! I’m so-o exited! Back to Barbie, um, this was the first Barbie movie that showed her hair move. For years, they had Barbie movies that their hair stayed strait- even when they were backwards. Crazy, rite? Thank you again for the longest blog title ever. You think this is long? If you are in touch with the world recored holder’s, tell them about this. I’m joking! I’m joking! You don’t have to. Okay, thank you for you’re time!

Vanellope von Sweetz!

Vanellope von Sweetz is a sassy, smart, and ADORIBLE video game character. Ruler of Sugar Rush, and victorius racer, she can do it all. Before she was ruler of Sugar Rush, a bully named Taffita bullied her for her life because she was a glich, a computer mastake. Before she met Ralph, a high strong […]

I would like to thank…

Hello everybody! I would like to say the people’s name (or blog name) on this post:  Thesisterslice Logo: we can’t do it all, but here’s the slice. Jim Seward Give Kids the World Cindy Cordes Carrie fanderclai If I didn’t say you’re name, please report that on a comment. Leave you’re blog name or your […]

Thank You!

Dear followers, I am happy to say that I have more than one follower. Those wonderful comments you sent me warmed my heart. That really made my day. I had a stress day. First a old hag, Mrs. Nicewingger was our substitute. She is so kind near the Principal, and like a bully to the […]