I SURVIVED (my fav book in de world!)

















The bloodiest battle in American HISTORY…

Tomas is a 12 year old slave working on a slave farm in Florida, with his 4 year old sister, Birdie, and more slaves. When his cousin who has been like a father to him gets carried away in chains to a cotton farm in Mississippi, he wants to fallow the North Star. But when he teams up with a team of solders fighting for the North, he made it so far. But when duty calls, and he is sent up North to fight in Gettysburg. He thinks he will make it staying safe in a wagon with his sister. But when a bomb hits the wagon, his sister is safe, but not him. He cuts his leg and forehead, he is sure to die. But with a merical like this, he survived. He is now free. YOU GOT TO READ THIS BOOK!


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