Thank You!

Dear followers, I am happy to say that I have more than one follower. Those wonderful comments you sent me warmed my heart. That really made my day. I had a stress day. First a old hag, Mrs. Nicewingger was our substitute. She is so kind near the Principal, and like a bully to the students. Why does almost every teacher in Cooper School so mean?

Then, I’m seated by the most annoying kid in school. Clayton. When I first started 4th Grade, I stepped on his foot lightly because he was choking a 1st Grader. That didn’t seem right to me. He was doing a bad thing.

So, I stepped on his foot to try to teach him to not to bully my friends. I think I didn’t teach him a thing. He kicked me in the leg. It seemed he was trying to break my leg, or something. He keeps poking his nose into other people’s stuff. So that is really weird.

Plus, we have the hardest homework in the world! So you made my day. Thank you.




3 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Life is difficult at times, Lu. Keep your thoughts on “what would Jesus do” and it will help you live each day. I love you and I pray everyday for you!

  2. Lucy…love your blog!!! so glad that I found it … I have an idea? Maybe you can use fictitous (make up) names about people you know…I bet that would probably make the story funnier…give it a try? It may even help you develop your writing talents…I see you blogging and someday making a book out of these blogs…

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