Vanellope von Sweetz!

wreck it ralp

Vanellope von Sweetz is a sassy, smart, and ADORIBLE video game character. Ruler of Sugar Rush, and victorius racer, she can do it all. Before she was ruler of Sugar Rush, a bully named Taffita bullied her for her life because she was a glich, a computer mastake.

Before she met Ralph, a high strong and good-hearted bad guy, she thought she would never make friends with any of the people from Sugar Rush. Plus all the kids from Sugar Rush-they were on Taffita’s side.

When  Terbo, a racer from a different game stole Vanellope from her crown and earased all the player’s memory of Vanellope being Princess, he claimed himself of rightful ruler of Sugar Rush. Terbo also earased  Vanellope’s memory of her being Princess.

When she met Ralph she saw the medal he wore and thought that would, get her in, the race. So, she stole it and used it to get in the race. When the racer’s found out Vanellope was joing, they took it as ainsult.

Instead of saying: “I hope you win in the race!” they wrecked her car. Lucky to Vanellope, Ralph saw all this. He thought to himself; Un, cool.

Vanellope balled in front of her wrecked car watching the other racer’s kick it and rip the engen out. Ralph thought this was not right; even if she had stolen his medal. He ran out to the racer with a long face and put his fist out.

The racer’s ran away in horror. Then Ralph turned to Vanellope. Vanellope was shaking all over. “Why did you steel my medal?” he asked, “I earned it in Hero’s Duty!”

Vanellope started to giggle then, burst out in laughfter. “You said duty,” said Vanellope in tears. Yep, she giggled so hard she creid. “It’s not that kind of ‘duty’!” said Ralph. “Wow! Wait! Why did the hero flush the toilet?” asked Vanellope. Ralph stood there; still- not saying anything.

Vanellope didn’t want to wait much longer for a responc, so, she said “Because it was his duty!” Vanellope burst out in laghfter again. “Uh!” moand Ralph.

In stress, Ralph ran over to a gaw breaker and started punching it. “What a moron,” said Vanellope, “Hey, guiness! It’s a gaw breaker! You’re never going to…”



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