I Found This Out! Wreck it Ralph 2!!!

In an interview on October 25, 2012, director Rich Moore said that he and Disney have ideas about a sequel that would bring the characters up to date and explore online gaming and console gaming.[81] Moore stated that many of the crew and voice cast are open to the sequel, believing that they have “barely scratched the surface” of […]

My Cousin, Eli, Turned 1!!

My cousin, Eli, turned one last Sunday. He is so cute! And chubby… No offence, Eli! If you, Aunt Sara, (Eli’s mom and one of ‘the sisters’ on ‘thesisterslice.com‘) are reading this. Here is pictures of cute Eli! I hope you think he IS cute…… ELI! CUTE ELI  

Saeed Did Nothing Wrong…

Saeed is an American pastor who shares Jesus Christ with the people around him. It was year 2012 when Saeed kissed his wife, his children, and left for Irain. Why was he going to Irain? To preach and build an orphanage. But things didn’t go so well. A Irain gard broke in and stole Saeed […]

Janessa’s Play Date with Me

Who is Janessa, you ask? Well, Janessa is 18. I’m only 9, as you now. We are best friends, and she is my baby sitter, and she always comes over on Mom and Dad’s anaverseres, when Mom and Dad go on date’s, and ect. But today no one was going anywhere. Well, Dad had to […]

The Flu- “Boooo Hooo!”

Last night I woke up at 8:00 and I had to use the rest room, and I had diaria. When I got back to my room, Dad started to read the book  Life with Lily. Soon, I told Dad to stop reading. He asked, “Why?” I told him my tummy really really hurt. He ran and […]

Happy St. Patricks day!!!!!!!

Happy St.Pattie’s Day. I remember in Pre-School when… instead of sitting at the table we sat in, we go to sit in whatever table we wanted to because my teacher, Mrs. Shadel, told us that when the school was dark at night and no kids were here, the leprechaun’s baby came in and swiped our […]

More Wreck it Ralph! (Now you see I just plain like Wreck it Ralph!)

  Wreck-It Ralph From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wreck-It Ralph Theatrical release poster Directed by Rich Moore Produced by Clark Spencer Screenplay by Phil Johnston[1] Jennifer Lee[1] Story by Rich Moore Phil Johnston Jim Reardon Starring John C. Reilly Sarah Silverman Jack McBrayer Jane Lynch Music by Henry Jackman Editing by Tim Mertens Studio Walt Disney Animation […]