Baby birds, mama birds, daddy birds, oh my!

what! A while ago, I was outside playing on my scooter. Then I saw two birds. They were climbing into a little hole in our guter/roof. One had a twig in it’s mouth, and the other had mud in it’s mouth. The one that looked like a boy flew off, and the other that looked like a girl stood here. I walked up to get a closer look, but the mom bird flew fast into the little hole. I walked away. I saw the mama bird’s head stick out and look around. She looked at me, and flew back in. A week pasted and I can see the nest and the little eggs with the mama bird on it. When the daddy bird is not around, the mama bird flies out and lets me get a close look at her eggs. But when I almost touch one, the mama bird pecks me with her beak. But it’s nice that the mama bird let me get a close look at her eggs. When the daddy bird is there, he takes no chances and pecks me with HIS beak when I’m two inches away from the little hole with the nest on it. Sometimes the birds forget who I am if I’m gone a long time and fly away when I get close. They are robins. I can see the cute blue eggs and wait for them to hatch to see the cute / ugly baby birds. I always wanted to see a mama bird teach her babies how to fly. They picked a perfect place to make thier nest! 1. It’s by a girl who loves animals, (thats me!) 2. It’s by a nice good soil were lots of worms live (for thier food!) 3. It’s by a soft, grassy area (so the babies will land on something soft if they fall during flight practice!) 4. The little hole is nice for covering them from the rain . Right now as I’m typing, I can hear the mama bird and the daddy bird chirping a lot! I named the mama bird Amy, and the daddy bird Jim. I’m going to name the three eggs, Lucy, Lily, and Lyla!


5 thoughts on “Baby birds, mama birds, daddy birds, oh my!

  1. Lucy, please keep us posted and let us know when the blessed arrival of the chicks happens. Would you be able to post some pics of you and your new family of birds? We would really like to see them grow! Thanks so much for blogging!

  2. Great story Lucy! You have a big heart, the Mama bird must know that if she lets you get close. Please post pics of the babies if you can.

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