The Flu- “Boooo Hooo!”

Last night I woke up at 8:00 and I had to use the rest room, and I had diaria. When I got back to my room, Dad started to read the book  Life with Lily. Soon, I told Dad to stop reading. He asked, “Why?” I told him my tummy really really hurt. He ran and got the “puke bowl” wich we use for the flu. I fell asleep and soon woke up.

Lily was crying and yelling, ear splitting loud, “Mommy! Mommy! I want Mommy! My tummy really hurts.” Then my mouth got really full of water, and I did a vurp. Do you know what a vurp is? It is vomet and burp miczed together, and you can taste it! Okay, I’m not going to tell you what happened next.

Let’s just say I had a butt load of mac n cheese yesterday, and when a puked, you can see the mac n cheese. Lily stopped crying and looked at me. Puke was going down the side of  my bed and onto the floor. I’m telling ya, I haven’t puked that much sence we lived in Makoquata, IA, and me and Lily had a bunk bed, and I had the flu and I was in the top bunk and when I puked, the puke went down the side and on Lily’s chest. But that’s a diffrent blog post.

So Lily ran out of the room and into Mom and Dad’s room. “Lucy is puking. It’s going down the side of the bed. Ya gotta hurry.” When Dad came in, he looked around the room. I sat there. I looked at him. Then, I started to cry. And cry, and cry, and cry!

“How did you not see the puke bowl?” asked Dad. “I-I-I d-don’t k-know. T-t-the p-puke was r-r-really c-coming out f-fast,” my voice shaked really hard. There was puke on my bed. Dad ripped off the covers, and put a blanket on it. I lay my head there. You think THAT was enough exitment for one night? WRONG!!!

12:00 MIDNIGHT, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I screamed. I grabbed the puke bowl and barfed.

3:00 MORNING “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I screamed. I grabbed the puke bowl and barfed.

I would tell you more, but, it’s nap time. Ugh!



























One thought on “The Flu- “Boooo Hooo!”

  1. I’m so sorry you are sick again, Lucy! Your post did make laugh though.I think you have some of your mommy’s sense of humor…just a little. Love you, Sissy!

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