Janessa’s Play Date with Me

Who is Janessa, you ask? Well, Janessa is 18. I’m only 9, as you now. We are best friends, and she is my baby sitter, and she always comes over on Mom and Dad’s anaverseres, when Mom and Dad go on date’s, and ect. But today no one was going anywhere.

This is Janessa, my baby sitter.

Well, Dad had to go to work, but my Mom is a stay home mom. She has a back ground of working at banks, like US bank, and Liberty bank. But that’s a totally diffrent blog post. So, Dad got ready real early, like, 7:00, he HAS to leave at 8:00 and get there by 8:06 latest 8: 10.

But getting ready at 7:00 was really odd. Then at 7:19, Dad’s car came up in the drive. I teen came out of the car. It was Janessa! She walked in. I went to greet her. Lyla was standing near the coat closet trying to open the door of the closet screaming, “I wan go! I wan go! Me go! NOW!” Suddenly the door opened (not the closet door)…

Janessa came in. Mom called “Hey, Janessa! How ya doing?” “Fine. I just wanted to hang out,if that’s okay,” said Janessa. “No, no, no. It’s fine. I’m okay with you ‘hanging out’. It’s more than fine. It’s great!” Lily came running in. A loud- really loud- ear splitting loud scream came in the air. “JJJJJaaaaannnnnnnnnssssssssssssaaaaaaaaa!”

“Wow! Hey, dork,” teased Janessa. Janessa loves calling us “dork”. That’s her way of saying, “I love you.” or “You are so silly.” “So, um, Janessa, do you wanna have breakfast?” asked Mom. After we all ate, Janessa started playing with Lyla. (No offence to myself, Lily, my friends <who she also baby sitts> Chase and Lauren.)

Janessa always loved Lyla, from the first day she came to baby sit. Here is one of the pictures Janessa took with her phone of Lyla and her.

Janessa; “I love you, Lyla!” Lyla; “Are you my mother?”

Janessa is the best baby sister ever (sorry, readers. No offence if you are a baby sitter,) and I hope there will be more post about this loving baby sitter who is here when Mom and Dad are gone.



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