Saeed Did Nothing Wrong…

Saeed is an American pastor who shares Jesus Christ with the people around him.

It was year 2012 when Saeed kissed his wife, his children, and left for Irain. Why was he going to Irain? To preach and build an orphanage. But things didn’t go so well. A Irain gard broke in and stole Saeed and brought him to cort. “Say you hate God! Say there is no God!” yelled the goverment. “If you say those things, we will take pitty on you. If you won’t, well…”

“If I say that,” Saeed began, “that would be a lie.” Saeed was sentanced to 8 years in Irains worst prison; Evin’s prison. He did nothing. Just share God’s faith. Learn more about Saeed and you can sighn the paper thing at


If you have any questions about Jesus, I will tell you in my comments.

Photo: The ACLJ, the attorneys for the Abedini family, have sent the U.S. State Department a message: make a formal statement by this Friday calling for Pastor Saeed’s immediate release or we’ll take further Congressional action. </p><br />
<p>We are asking everyone who as already signed the petition to Reachx3 of your friends and have them sign the petition at </p><br />
<p>We still need your help. Saeed still needs your help!

This is Naghmeh, Pastor Saeed’s wife, in tears at the hearing as she tells their story

Photo: The Congressional hearing is tomorrow.  Please Sign the petition at, if you haven't already, or Share the petition with at least 3 of your friends. Your signature could save a life!

Saeed and his kids… his kids really miss thier daddy.


7 thoughts on “Saeed Did Nothing Wrong…

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    • Thanks, dad! I hope Naghmeh will read this. PLUS: I posted this today! This is a record. I NEVER got to thoughts in one day… I guess I should start putting more of my posts on facebook! If Naghmeh is reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and I am praying for you. If you are wondering why one sentance is blue, click on it. it will lead you to…

  2. This is good Lucy. I love your heart. Your family must be so ecstatic that you have such a passion of Jesus at such a young age. Keep it up. Matt. 5:14

  3. PS. I am praying for him and his family too, thanks to you and your family raising awareness for this family.

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