My Little Pony 1975 and 2013

Since 1975 someone  had a barn, and a love for pony’s. So he made a TV show called My Little Pony. It wasn’t like it is today, but it looked like they were horeses, not ponies. Suresioly.  But then, someone said this was plain ugly. So they made a new TV show! My Little Pony: Friendship is […]

Princess Twilight Sparkle: Music

MLP (My Little Pony) Morning in Ponyville shimmers.  MLP (My Little Pony) It’s What my Cutie Mark is Telling Me MLP (My Little Pony) Ohhh why? MLP (My Little Pony) A True True Friend  MLP (My Little Pony) Princess Twilight Sparkle Cordanation Day  MLP (My Little Pony) Life in Equestria Shimmers ____________________________________________________ This was my […]

My Little Dashie

The story is told by a first-person male narrator through a series of short vignettes. Each vignette details an important moment in the life the narrator and “Dashie” have together. Many of these vignettes are written in a diaristic style. Tense switches from past to present occasionally, sometimes within the same sentence. The changes in […]

Top 10 favorite ice creams in america… And top 10 LEAST favorite in america.

How much people have the same ice cream favorite as you do? Find out! TOP 10 FAVORITE ________________ Vanilla Chocolate Mint Strawberry Chocolate Vanilla Twist Bubble Gum Rainbow Rainbow Bubble Gum Chocolate Peanut Butter Strawberry Vanilla TOP 10 LEAST FAVORITE —————————————– Liver Worth Tomato Soup Sour Lemon Strawberry Liver Worth Ketchup Mustard Green Grass Gum […]