So, you ready to see all my fave artists?

SMILE!!! by _alioop_Okay, this made me freak out and laugh at the same time. I was doing, and saw this. A favorited it, and many more! Ready to see em’?

A Day at the Zoo by maryjanesparkle

Ohhh! Look at the hippo!

Randombannana's flipbook prize by dogdaisypoodle

Hello! I’m Kira!

Princess Twilight Sparkle by AgentBrerRabbit

Life in Equestria shimers! Life in Equestria shines!

dipper neverland :) by disneylionfan

Off to neverland!

Venellope do you like Rate 5 by Steps4554

Do you like my cute face?????

My fantail goldfish, Shamu =P by TonkoneseKitty

Bloop, bloop, bloop.

Ariel by Tangled_Up

I love this pic!

Those where my favorite! Now here is some of my art!!!

Shadows by Girlygirl_100

Felix! This took FOREVER! by Girlygirl_100

My Creation by Girlygirl_100

Rainbow Dash! by Girlygirl_100

Apple Jack! by Girlygirl_100

Twilight Sparkle! by Girlygirl_100

Pinkie Pie!!!!!!!!!!! by Girlygirl_100

Sparkle Mania' by Girlygirl_100



2 thoughts on “So, you ready to see all my fave artists?

  1. Wow! Lucy! That first one was scarey. God has given you talents of writing and drawing. He will use your talents to bring glory to Himself! I love you, Sis!

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