A New Nest!?

It was a  nice day outside, and I saw daddy bringing out the closet door that was in their room (and in really bad shape). Once, it even fell on my baby sister Lyla! But, that’s a different blog post. Anyway, I asked, “Why are you moving the door?” Dad answered, “It’s in really bad […]

Fur Real Friends University

Me and my sister are making a little show called Fur Real Friends University. In this handmade short stories, there are three animals who have one thing in common: they are all white. The “star” of the show is a one-year-old puppy named GoGo. Here is all the info. ________________________________________________________   GoGo, the star of […]

Disney+ Ponies….

In that little picture, it shows Pinkie Pie as the mad hatter, and Fluttershy as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. ___________________________________________________ Pinkie Pie is Ariel, Rarity is Cinderella, Twilight is Belle, Applejack is Jasmine, Fluttershy is Snow White, Rainbow Dash is Mulan, and Derpy Hooves is Aroura. ____________________________________________________ In this image, Pinkie Pie is a […]