Fur Real Friends University

Me and my sister are making a little show called Fur Real Friends University. In this handmade short stories, there are three animals who have one thing in common: they are all white. The “star” of the show is a one-year-old puppy named GoGo. Here is all the info.


  GoGo, the star of the show, is always ready for a nice snack-or even better, playtime! In one episode, “GoGo, the Slow” GoGo’s friends don’t play with her because they are sick. GoGo’s owner, Lucy, can’t even play with her because she is caring for the animals. So, GoGo acts to be sick so she can get a lot of attention. But after her friends swear they aren’t sick, GoGo has to stay in bed-for two days! But after she tells the truth, her friends forgive her and they get to play!


 Cookie, GoGo’s big sister, always is telling GoGo to act her age. But, as hard as she tries, GoGo still runs around until her head spins, literally! After all that hard work, Cookie does her favorite hobby: nap! Her owner, Lyla, is always patting her on the head saying, “Good dog. Good dog,” and so on. In one episode “Party Animal” Cookie gets invited to three parties all in one night. She runs here and there getting to each party on time. Then she realizes, she can’t be in two places at once! So she goes to an ancient forest and finds a pool. By looking into the pool for five straight minutes without blinking, another Cookie pops out of the pond. Then she says, “We need more Cookies. Three parties= three Cookies!” So she does it again, but when things go out of hand, over 20000 Cookies are all over Fur Real Friends University! So with the help of her little sister, they mix up a magic potion that will make the real Cookie stay, and the rest go. After that, Cookie has to tell all of the people who invited her to all those parties, she simply cannot go.


 Don’t let her charm fool you! This sassy cat can be tight with you at some times, but when you get to know her, you’ll see she’s just as nice and charming as a petty princess. In one episode, “King Cutie,” Snow Flake gets invited to King Cutie’s ball, and has to get his attention. After trying to reach to get him to be her friend, Snow Flake quits. But as she leaves the ball, her glass cliper falls, and King Cutie finds it. After he gets to the right house, Snow Flake gives him her paw and, it fits! King Cutie wants to be her best fur real friend forever.


I will show you some of these Fur Real Friends university, soon! 🙂


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