A New Nest!?

It was a  nice day outside, and I saw daddy bringing out the closet door that was in their room (and in really bad shape). Once, it even fell on my baby sister Lyla! But, that’s a different blog post. Anyway, I asked, “Why are you moving the door?” Dad answered, “It’s in really bad shape. So I’m bringing it out here.”

The next day I saw a bird flying around it like she was doing some house shopping, or something like that. Sooner than later, I saw a tiny little nest that had been built in the night.

nest 2

Image by TheSisterSlice

I was really exited. I knew some eggs will show up in the nest. One day, the mommy bird’s tummy got bigger and some white fur ended up on the tummy. I asked mom, “Why does she look like that?” Mom said, “She is going to have some eggs soon. And that white fur is going to help her keep the eggs warm and not smash them. They will soon wore off when the baby birds hatch. We need to try our best not to startle her. She is as nervous as it she is already…”

I tried my best not to startle the poor mommy bird, but, we go in the back door where the mama bird is when we get in the car to go to school.

nest 3

Picture by TheSisterSlice

One day, when my little sister Lily was at her friend Mackenzie’s house, I could here little bird peeps. “Mom, Dad! Look! The baby birds have hatched!” I exclaimed. Here are the baby birds!


Image by TheSisterSlice

I know they are ugly but mom said they will get fluffy soon! 🙂


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