Despeciable me 2

These are some clips from the movie.

FUNNY   u7




Chapter 1 MME




It has been 3 weeks since the Summer Sun Celebration. Twilight was just accepted in Princess Clestia’s School of Magic. Twilight’s family had just adopted Spike, and Twilight was reading to him. “And then, Rapunzel pony let down her hair, and the prince climbed up!” Twilight read. She was just about to use her magic to flip the page, when her horn disappeared! “Spike, did you see that?” she asked her little dragon brother. Spike just giggled and started chewing on his tail. “That’s what I thought. I got to go tell mom and dad! You always have the answers, Spike!” Twilight exclaimed. Twilight galloped out of the room. “Mommy! Daddy! My horn disappeared!” yelled Twilight, still galloping. She ran right into her brother, Shining Armor. “Slow down, speedy!” Shining Armor helped Twilight up. “Your horn is gone, too?” Twilight said. “Yeah… do you think we are sick?” asked Shining Armor. “Only one way to find out…” said Twilight. They walked outside. Filly Lyra Heartstrings ran up to Twilight. “Oh, Twilight! You are the top student in magic school, do you know what is going on?” Lyra asked.  “No,” Twilight said. They passed every pony, then Twilight ran right into her foul sitter, Princess Cadence. “Huh! Cadence! What are you doing in Canterlot?” Twilight asked. “I’m here to see what is going on. So I’m going to see my Aunt Celestia,” explained Cadence. Twilight took one good look at Cadence. Her wings and horn  were gone! “Cadence… you look like a normal pony now… Not a princess!” exclaimed Shining Armor. “I know.. We need to find Aunt Celestia… Before every pony in all of Equestria are earth ponies,” worried Cadence. When they reached the top floor, they looked in Celestia’s room. “Oh, Auntie Celest! Come out, come out where ever you are!” Cadence called. Twilight opened the door that lead to the throne room. Princess Celestia wasn’t in there… just her crown.

(Chapter 2) coming soon!

The Magic Mystery in Equestria


 Let’s date back to when Twilight Sparkle was just a filly. It has been three weeks since the Summer Sun Celebration. Twilight was reading a book, when her magic unicorn horn disappeared! It is up to filly Twilight, and her brother, Shining Armor to find out what is happening to every pony… even the Pegasi are having trouble! The Pegasi’s wings have disappeard, but the earth ponies don’t have anything wrong with them! Twilight and Shining Armor have to figure out what is up… before all of Equestria is full of earth ponies!

(Chapter One) out now!